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10 Reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Plan

As a brand custodian, you understand that there’s been a fundamental shift towards internet marketing strategies in the last couple of years. Your company is on social media and you think you have a good enough website. You’re investing monthly to create a digital presence. But something bothers you…

Somehow the discussion around creating more and more brand awareness on digital channels keeps on popping up in almost every strategy development discussion. You are also not completely convinced that all your digital platforms and tactics are actively contributing to your business goals and will more ‘likes’ from Facebook ads actually help you to sell more?

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Your organisation’s approach to digital activity should form a core part of its overall strategy development process. This will not only guarantee that relevant resources are deployed to remain in contact with your audiences. It will also nudge your company to continuously consider how emerging technology and digital disruption .  

How do you ensure your digital strategy becomes and remain an active contributor to the marketing and organisational strategy?

It’s simple, create a plan and stick to it! Here are some of our top reasons why we believe you need to be a (wo)man with a plan to ensure you make the most out of your digital marketing:


  1. A digital marketing plan gets people to focus

Stop falling around to while you try and execute sporadic digital endeavors as and when they come up. Your brand might appear schizophrenic and inconsistency in your digital activities might irritate consumers. Colleagues might also end up asking why you even bother to spend money on those activities? Have a plan that will allow you to set clear priorities and goals. Also to set relevant tactics out to accomplish them. 


  1. Influence the company’s ‘big plans’

You can have more power and influence once your digital initiatives form part of the bigger marketing and business strategy. This way you can ensure that the company’s ‘big picture’ thinking is covered whenever you take on any digital tactics. If all tactics remain integral to the big picture it will also get teams to focus on reporting, integration and synergy with other marketing activities. Consistent results around your activities will build trust so keep it focused, informed and don’t change it too frequently. 


  1. Simplify stakeholder management

A smart and considered digital plan will illustrate to stakeholders how your digital activities meet the needs of the business. This will make it easier to manage the expectations of business leaders and provides a roadmap for supplier negotiations.


  1. Create concepts that live across platforms

Do you want your marketing campaigns to consist of original creative concepts that seamlessly manage to integrate different media channels? This is possible if you make digital communications a main strategic contributor to your strategy. Use each brief to try and inspire your agencies to create concepts that cannot exist without an inherent digital angle. A smart marketing agency should drive creative teams to create integrated marketing campaigns that engage your target market in new and exciting ways.


  1. Find space for innovation and expansion

To embrace technology in your marketing efforts might open new doors for other divisions within your organisation. With online marketing, your company can discover new audiences and increase sales as you tap into the needs of a larger digital world. Solid digital marketing strategies will ensure your business gets noticed and not only will it inspire digital innovation around products, but it will also transform the organisation.

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  1. Capture learning and continuously improve

Reviewing activity and results against your set-out plan will help your team to learn and grow. They will unearth new opportunities and drive business process innovation while they identify and fill gaps. Whether you need better database management and marketing automation on your email marketing or quality content creation for inbound marketing activities, having a review process in place will allow you to optimise marketing tactics while you create a competitive edge.


  1. They’ll only stick-out to a plan

People easily lose interest in activities if they don’t deliver immediate results. Your set-out, approved plan will keep marketing teams focused on the long-term outcomes and stop them from jumping around between tactics. A search engine optimization strategy, as an example, can only have an impact if it’s consistently adjusted against the same core objectives. 


  1. Plans allow for better crises management

How will you manage a public attack on your brand on social media platforms? Planning will allow you to consider uncertainties around the future while your teamwork towards achieving your business objectives. A crisis management plan will allow you to explore various scenarios. This will help to create a toolbox of strategies or tactics to use when things go south.


  1. Become the hero(in) of budget management

A great plan has a clear set of activities with timelines and required resources. It might sound obvious, but this means you can draw up a very tangible budget that’s set against what you need to achieve. Proper planning and budgeting will not only make you shine in the boardroom during annual reporting, but it will also empower your agencies and suppliers to get the right (wo)man for the job. 


  1. Stay in-touch with consumers

Consumer expectations are ever-increasing in today’s digital age and marketing plans should be built around your audience if you plan to build lasting customer relationships. This will be a lot easier if you use analytics to inform your decisions. With analytics, you can create online marketing that lives in their current digital reality.

Why fall around without a plan? Media Fuel loves it when a plan comes together and we can help you with your digital transformation strategy. Let us evaluate your current activity. We can then help create a marketing strategy with the best digital innovations to deliver against your organizational goals. We provide a range of digital services and can also help with your next digital marketing campaign, Google AdWords campaign, pay per click or search marketing tactics to get to new customers.

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Strategy planning remains an integral part of any business activity. We hope that we’ve given you 10 reasons why your new financial year needs to start with a good digital plan.

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