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Grow your Business with an Email Marketing Strategy

Use email marketing to grow your business Every business owner knows that the secret to a sustainable business is building trust and creating long-term customer loyalty. The world we live in today is very different from back in the day when a greengrocer used to know his every customer. Organizations deal with the pressure of increased competition and the accessibility of today’s customer to technology allows them to compare, qualify… Read More »Grow your Business with an Email Marketing Strategy

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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Have you heard about a customer journey map before? Does it sound complicated and intimidating and you feel like just rather running for the hills? Just wait for a second and read on. What if I told you that customer journey mapping can benefit your business immensely? It can help you get to know what your customers like and help them to get exactly what they want when they want… Read More »What is Customer Journey Mapping?

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Top 10 reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Plan

10 Reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Plan As a brand custodian, you understand that there’s been a fundamental shift towards internet marketing strategies in the last couple of years. Your company is on social media and you think you have a good enough website. You’re investing monthly to create a digital presence. But something bothers you… Somehow the discussion around creating more and more brand awareness on digital… Read More »Top 10 reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Plan

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The Basics of SEO

What is SEO? With that question, you are probably already thinking I have no idea and second of all what does SEO stand for, right? SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”, which means the activity that attempts to improve your search engine rankings on Google. So, in plain English on what page your website will appear on Google search.   SEO is important for the following reasons: To increase website… Read More »The Basics of SEO