Grow your Business with an Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing

Use email marketing to grow your business

Every business owner knows that the secret to a sustainable business is building trust and creating long-term customer loyalty. The world we live in today is very different from back in the day when a greengrocer used to know his every customer.

Organizations deal with the pressure of increased competition and the accessibility of today’s customer to technology allows them to compare, qualify or complain about their purchases. Technology can, however, become one of the biggest relationship-aids in your business if you harness it properly. 

The biggest challenge for most small businesses in transitioning to more technical marketing tactics is firstly, to make the commitment to explore and discover it and secondly, deciding where to start in the ever-changing digital world.  The good news is, technology allows you to test and try online marketing tools or digital marketing tactics before committing to any strategy.

You can access training videos, sales funnels, marketing strategy ideas, digital marketing tactics or techniques used in similar businesses, all online. It is easy to pick some smaller tactics like email marketing to enhance your current marketing efforts if you invest the time. If you don’t have the time for this kind of research, you can consult with freelance digital strategists, an email marketer or digital agency like Media Fuel to help. 

Here are the core reasons why we think email is one of the most efficient digital communication channels for nurturing leads.

email marketing

Email marketing is personal

Relevance is key and personalization will allow you to send the right information, to the right person, at the right time.  Email has advanced way beyond the old method of blasting spam emails or newsletters to customers to tell them about your new products. Effective email marketing is like having a conversation with your customer.  Your interaction and content will add value to their lives and in doing so you gain their trust, educate them and guide them through the sales funnel to become loyal customers.  Consider their interests, other interactions with your business, channels you use to target them and draft a customer journey before adding email to enhance your marketing efforts. Identifying similarities and segmenting customers into lists will make this process easier and will be super useful as you become more tactical in using your email list.

It’s efficient and cost-effective

One of the most valuable assets a thriving business can have is a healthy and active database of customers. A lot of SMMEs know the importance of their email list, but the majority of them don’t know how to fully harness the power of email campaigns to build lasting relationships with their customers. The cost of customer acquisition is a lot higher than investing a little to keep potential customers, who have shown an interest in you, engaged. It’s also important to mention here that not all data is valuable, and you should let go of leads who show no interest to re-engage. The expected ROI of email marketing according to some sites is 5:1, while some marketing campaigns achieved as high as 38:1 on their mailing activities. There are several important variables that determine the efficiency of your email marketing. Beyond the quality of your subscriber lists, there’s also your price point, the size of your database and/or the value of your content, all influencing the customer in final your call to action.  

It can be tracked and measured

One of the greatest joys of digital marketing is the amount of measurability it offers.  You can work out your ROI on each marketing tactic and track all activities online.  This is even easier with email campaigns as most email marketing platforms provide an intuitive campaign monitor to track email marketing campaigns. It will not only allow you to adjust your spending, but you can also identify the best email marketing tactics when it comes to influencing turnover. Use the correct KPIs and data on softer targets like awareness and online reputation; it’s easier to measure than traditional above-the-line media, but the devil is in the analytics, so ensure you select the appropriate customer data. 

measuring digital statistics

It can be integrated with other channels

Whether you want to immediately respond to someone who abandoned a cart in your online store, send onboarding information to someone who just bought a product, or follow-up to get a rating on your service, it’s all easy and possible with email.  Most email service providers have Ecommerce plug-ins that allow you to integrate these activities and have the process automated. The most challenging part would be to establish your needs before you choose an email service provider and required add-ons to fulfill them. 

It can be automated

Email campaigns can enhance the overall experience the customer has with your company.  Every single piece of marketing can take them systematically through the buying cycle and what makes e-marketing so great its ability to run a fully automated campaign. This means you can set it up and it will run in the background while you focus your efforts on other marketing channels.  Just imagine what it can do for your business if you can create lead-nurturing campaigns that automatically follow-up with relevant content, get feedback on sales, market-related products or just wish someone a happy birthday.  All this happening by itself.

It’s easy to implement

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Getresponse, Salesforce… the list of email service suppliers is endless. They provide email templates, tutorial videos, benchmarks, a free trial or free email marketing packages to get you started. A savvy businessperson will do a bit of research or chat with an expert to ensure the functionality they offer, meets their business need and current CRM approach. Evaluating which email platforms are easy-to-use or good value for money is a topic on its own, but be sure you check for one that provides a free email template service. This drag and drop functionality will enable you to design the email you want in no time. Some will also give you basic automation paths to use and tools to help you send emails with little or no experience. Getting to know the platform, creating your email lists and the first set of emails are usually the hardest part.

It’s scalable

The more you advance in our email campaigns, the more you can move towards creating automated triggered campaigns. As mentioned before, you can start off with a simple email campaign, or basic automation on a product sale before investing in creating complex email strategies. Most email marketing solutions also offer split testing, or A/B testing where you can test email elements like your subject to improve engagement or clicks.  Similar to most online strategies, to have a truly effective email strategy will take a bit of time, but you can get started at a minimal cost on one of the various email platforms out there, testing it before investing more in those tactics.

The right email to the right consumer, at the right time, will not only delight them, but you will also gain by winning their favour and trust.  Through several relevant emails and well-timed engagement, you can thus create loyal customers and it’s all at your fingertips with the multiple email service providers out there today.

Getting someone to guide you through this process can save you a lot of time and help your business create logical, simple or complex campaigns to drive your company’s ROI.  At Media Fuel, we’re happy to help with your first email marketing campaign. Be sure to contact us to enquire about our marketing services or for a free consult around your email marketing plan.