Digital content marketing with a kick

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Create a content marketing strategy of viral proportions

In 2019 Google revealed that more than 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Can your company’s content strategy or creative team compete with that? Ticking digital marketing boxes are unfortunately not enough anymore and certainly not when you consider the amount and quality of competitors’ content on the web today.

Effective content marketing strategies require much more than clever content ideas, good content production and a couple of viral video successes. You need consistent and relevant content, created as part of a planned content development process to make your brand digitally rise above the rest.

One of the biggest challenges that creative or digital agencies face is a brief where content marketing is a listed item under ‘Digital strategy’. What are your objectives and content marketing needs?  Have you considered whether it’s achievable with your budget, the type of content that easily links to your brand identity and whether you have the correct content production team or digital agency to achieve this?

Your new content strategy needs to utilize digital channels, fit into your overall brand objectives and contribute to integrated campaigns and traditional marketing tactics. It sounds rather obvious, but many businesses still get it wrong and waste money on content strategies.

What lies at the bottom of each content strategy is how far you’ll go to create gripping content? As a brand will you take on thought leadership content in your industry, are you developing affiliate marketing programs or user-generated content strategies to create content or do you just want to stay on the radar with your current approach to content?

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What content marketing can do for your business

Are you willing to invest a lot in content marketing and how will this benefit your business? One of the biggest reasons why someone would move towards content marketing or any marketing initiative for that matter is to make an impact on their sales.

  1. Create brand awareness and interest in your brand

One of the core reasons why brands engage in content marketing is to create that old trusted word of mouth marketing. Having potential customers migrate towards the content you created and talking about it will certainly put your brand on the map. It will create some free PR and you’ll reap the benefits from the associative reach.

  1. Set the benchmark for your product category

Informative and educational digital content provides the opportunity for you to create perceptions and views around quality in the consumer’s mind.  An example would be creating content that lists how the customer could test or evaluate the quality of a product and ensure your product meets those exact requirements.

  1. Win favour by creating customer value

Create content that improves the customer’s life in some way and they already love you more. Whether it’s a white paper, a checklist or a formula to make their life easier, creating compelling and useful content will win you brownie points that trumps any media strategy.

  1. Generate leads and enquiries

You see it, you like it, you want to buy it! Compelling content can not only generate leads it can also lead to enquiries and new customers. Having harvesting content will not only drive traffic to your sales channels, but it will also create a nice email list

  1. Keep current customers engaged

Today’s marketplace is one where customer loyalty is hard to find. Colouring your current customer’s digital world with ‘lekker’ and relevant content will make them realise why they loved your brand in the first place.

  1. Great content gets customers to the sales funnel

Every business boils down to sales, and the first step is getting prospective customers in the sales funnel. Maybe you can create content where you identify in the content you provide. Then all that’s left is bread-crumbing them to the ‘deal’ is with an effective email campaign (or sales team).

  1. Create a greater online presence

Blog posts can increase your website traffic. According to Ignite Spot, you will score 434 times better on Google index pages if you manage to increase your website to over 50 pages. Remember that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a snowball effect and the Top 10 searches on search engine lists get more traffic and click as the gap between them and the bottom ones widen.

content marketing

Creating quality content

Want to know the secret to creating content that will improve your internet marketing efforts? Media Fuel can do a content audit to help you evaluate your online content. Here are a couple of pointers to get you moving towards digital marketing success:

  1. It’s engaging and entertaining

Most videos or blogs that go viral is content that evokes emotion in consumers. They find it funny, informative and useful, even if it’s just to entertain them.


  1. The content is representative of the brand personality or business

The only way you can create compelling content is by blending your brand’s uniqueness and personality with what customers need and ask for. Content must become your way of expressing your brand to the outside world. Make sure that your content represents your brand or company in the correct way. You can then build the associative thinking that will last in the long term.


  1. Your content is a valued contributor

Are you creating value for customers in the content you send into the world? You can educate customers. You can make their lives easier through your content, so ensure your content is relevant, current and informed.


  1. Your content is customer-driven

Putting the customer first is tough for most companies and usually, something reserved for after-sales service. Being socially aware and creating content from your target audience’s perspective and needs are imperative. Start the day with your content. Then see how you can link that with your brand qualities and personality.


  1. Consistency is key

Consistently create at the same level of quality. This builds your brand reputation, but will also lead to the top of mind awareness. It’s therefore important to set the level of engagement when you develop your digital strategy with each new marketing calendar.


  1. It gives back to your company

How are you measuring the ROI on your digital campaigns and is your content promotion translating to profit?  Measuring the efficiency of your content and marketing campaigns links back directly to your reasons for that blog, whitepaper or video advertising. Have clear and measurable objectives and easy call-to-action in all content to make the most of it.


Today’s digital marketer’s marketing skills remain challenged with new marketing channels on digital platforms like Facebook advertising, search advertising. Luckily, with digital media, they can make data-driven decisions to retarget or tap into new target audiences and with curated content, you can start to create a digital presence with impact.


Contact us for help with your next digital campaign. We can also help to guide you into creating a content strategy that will answer to crafted and set goals or business objectives.