7 Tips for Creating Customer Journey Maps

customer journey map tips

If you’ve missed our series of customer journey map tips during February & March you have come to the right place. During the month of March, we focussed on customer journey maps. We discussed what they are and how they can help your business. We also posted a tip every week to our social media platforms.

In case you’ve missed our social media posts, we are putting together this blog so that you can get all the customer journey map tips in one place.

If you don’t know what a customer journey is, you need to familiarize yourself by reading our “What is Customer Journey Mapping?” blog. A customer journey map can help your business target the right audience, at the right place, at the right time.

7 Tips for Creating Customer Journey Maps

  1. You need customer personas before creating a customer journey map. Millennials, baby boomers, Gen Z – they all have very different approaches to doing the same things and have very different goals. So make sure you capture these differences in your personas and only after that should you start mapping journeys.
  2. With customer journey maps, beginning with the end in mind will define the path for getting there. When you know what you want you can keep your strategic goals at the forefront to guide you.
  3. Talk to your customers. You need to know what your customer’s perception is. With an outside view of what is and isn’t important, you can gather accurate information about what does and doesn’t work, making your customer journey map more accurate.
  4. Focus on covering all stages and steps. Write it out as a story. Once you have a story, you can create a simpler, visually appealing diagram or flow chart to help support it.
  5. When evaluating steps in your customer journey it is important to distinguish situations visible to the customer and external factors going on behind the scenes.
  6. Examine negative feedback from your customers and the times when it happened. If you place these on the map against each touchpoint, the map becomes a way of identifying potential problems and areas for improvement and change.
  7. Once a year, update your customer journey and ask questions like:
    • Are we missing any customer personas?
    • Are we missing any uncommon situations we haven’t accounted for?
    • Is there anything that doesn’t seem right?

There you have it, folks, a helpful 7 tips to help you complete your customer journey map. Great stuff, now you know what a customer journey map is and a have few tips to help get you started. To help you along your customer mapping journey you can also follow these 6 steps we put together for you in another blog.

For your convenience, we also put together a short slideshow of all the tips.

Good luck with your customer journey mapping journey!