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Today’s consumer is consuming digital media at an incredible pace, whether it’s sharing a funny video on YouTube or checking their emails, there is certainly a Digital Channel to target your consumers in a way that’s efficient and measurable. At Media Fuel we offer a variety of services to assist you in creating a Digital strategy and content – to fit your audience.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together – do you have a solid strategy to guide you through the ever-changing world of digital media? We’d love to get involved in creating a plan that fits in with your overall Marketing objectives.

Content and continuous engagement is what drives this digital engine. So whether you already have interesting commercials, captions, product specials or are looking into creating new content, we at Media Fuel can jump in and assist with conceptualizing and content plans to give your digital strategy colour.

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Digital Consulting

Let us evaluate your current digital position and give you advice based on your specific business and budget. We can help you start your digital journey!


Digital Marketing

Target and reach your audience through various digital channels to ensure you have a positive return on investment.

social media marketing services

Website Design

We can help you create a website that is functional, creative and SEO & mobile friendly. Let us help you represent your brand online in such a way that your customers keep coming back for more.

website services

Content Creation

Want to create new content for your brand that gives color and creates engagement? We at Media Fuel can jump in and assist with the conceptualising and creating of content plans and design. 


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Lize-Mari Badenhorst

Owner / Digital Marketing Specialist

mauritz badenhorst

Mauritz Badenhorst

Marketing Strategist / Copywriter / Content Producer

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Media Fuel optimised the SEO for three of our entities – DDP, Outsource Hub and Mangrove Corporate Solutions and we could not be more appreciative of their proactive and professional service, the wilful guidance they provided throughout the process, their insightful knowledge of SEO and ultimately their prompt delivery. The exceptional results their services have achieved in our organisations have paid for their services 100 times over.  Media Fuel comes highly recommended by the DDP Group of Companies and Lize Mari Badenhorst was key to building a lasting business relationship.

Rudi Visser
CFO, DDP Group of Companies

A digital agency with a one-stop shop appeal, Media Fuel has been great in consulting and supporting us on how to become active on social media and digital platforms. Our brands are fairly young and we needed a digital partner that’s competitively priced, well varied and has a ‘hands-on’ approach to content creation. Lize-Mari has been directly involved from the strategy development, right through to the content planning, content creation and execution while managing social media platforms which means we can focus even further on tweaking our image in the digital world.

Mark van Rooyen
Owner, PMI Africa

Media Fuel successfully launched our Google Adwords campaign; we were very happy with the design and layout of the Ad that they launched. Their continued efforts to maximise our audience was very effective in reaching the correct audience and converting leads into sales. They put in the time and effort to understand our product and audience and this showed in the results we received. We would highly recommend them

Key Accounts

Media Fuel has been handling our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles since November 2017. Our monthly posts are always sent through early for approval, and the changes are made quickly. New ideas are constantly shared and we have always found it a pleasure to work with the Media Fuel Team.

Lee-Anne Lemmer
Manager, ABC Security

Since I opened my business and asked Media Fuel to handle my Facebook page, it has helped us to attract customers to our business and get known in our area. I cannot think of another practical way to promote my business and attract so many customers with good comments and photos, as the case was the past year since I employed Media Fuel. I am happy to have a professional service managing our Facebook and definitely adds value to the business. It gives me great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Media Fuel’s social media management services.

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